The silver experience

Because we decided to sell our stroller I want to show you how it looks. I don't really want to sell it but since Helena can sit by herself we don't need a car seat or carrycoat anymore. Now we're using just a pushchair and I don't have enaugh place for the rest :( which will make me a little bit sad because it's so many memories! Our first walk etc.
Anyway, our beautiful stroller was really great and useful. Easy to push and I think Helena felt good inside :)

Here you can read characteristics and see films about CAM Pulsar.

. The stroller makes a very good impression. Many people told us that it looks great and they never saw such an original stroller before.

and some memories...


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  1. Awww...This is the cutest stroller ever. I wish i could buy. Maybe i should get married fast ehehehe...
    Sad you have to let go :(


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